Devil Furby for Sale
"The Greatest value in Furby's today" *

That's right, it's a one of a kind Furby that talks in tongue and will kill you and your family come Christmas day. Reserve your Devil Furby now! It's a one of a kind collectors item that will only grow in value. Each Devil Furby comes with a death certificate and is sign by Satan himself in blood. Reserve yours now in time for Christmas.**

A Close representation of what Devil Furby will look like.


Reserve your Devil Furby now for just $200.00 + $50 shipping and handling. NO CODs/ Checks/ or Credit Cards accepted. Offer void in California, New Mexico, Texas or any other state where Mexicans are more than half of the population. Please wait 3 to 24 months for delivery.***

Please send a email to   to make your reservation, you will be contacted back.

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*The above quote is made-up to take up space.

**Estimated delivery time is Christmas 2005.

***Please note that there is really no Devil Furby for sale here and that it is the plot of the man to keep Devil Furby down. All responses to the above email will be responded to with ridicule. If you believe that Devil Furby would make a good Christmas gift, please let me know. 

Thank You, 
Kill Furby.