The following is a study in behavioral science. What happens to one foreigner when faced with 2 different Americans on the same night, at the exact same time with 2 totally different personalities. The stories you are about to read are real and happened at the same time, in the same State! Yes, whenever anything interesting happens to you it could be the work of and  Discomaker Enterprises!

Please read it all and let me know what you think. Fell free to contact me or her with the Yahoo IDs provided below. Please be warned that this is really funny, however it might be offensive to people of any color, race or religion.

This is my story with a Egyptian from the Yahoo Instant Massager

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jelloboy1: remeber me ur asl?

nerminbekit: 24 f egypt

jelloboy1: good looking?

nerminbekit: yes

nerminbekit: ur asl

jelloboy1: me too, im 25 M USA - Im a Professional Male Hooker, I work with people

nerminbekit: what faculty u graduated

jelloboy1: I attended Velvet Browns School of Profession Male Hookers INC.

jelloboy1: I have a 4 Year Degree

nerminbekit: yes

jelloboy1: did you say your from Mexico?

nerminbekit: egypt

jelloboy1: Im African-American mixed with Cuban-Canadian. I'm also Jewish

nerminbekit: wow

jelloboy1: thanks

nerminbekit: nice to meet u

jelloboy1: Where is Egypt?

nerminbekit: what

nerminbekit: don't u know

nerminbekit: where is egypt

jelloboy1: Im not good with maps

nerminbekit: ur country was fighting with us to take it

jelloboy1: oh yeah, I forgot about. Your really smart.

nerminbekit: how dear

nerminbekit: u forgot

jelloboy1: Do you speak Engish? Are you Muslium?

nerminbekit: yes iam

nerminbekit: u like muslems?

jelloboy1: I have no problems with muslems as long as there not black

jelloboy1: are you black?

nerminbekit: what

jelloboy1: black, you know burnt, darky, negro-american

nerminbekit: no we r not black

jelloboy1: ok, then I have no problems with your people. If everyone could think like me then we could all get along

nerminbekit: u like egyptian

jelloboy1: Oh yes, I've been there many times

jelloboy1: I like the Gaza Strip alot, Im always sure to visit the mall

nerminbekit: ok

jelloboy1: do you have a picture?

jelloboy1: here is my picture

nerminbekit: ok wait to have a lokk

jelloboy1: ok, let me know what you think

nerminbekit: hahhahahaah

jelloboy1: I know, I don't have a real pic but I thought you might find it funny cause white people look stupid

jelloboy1: Here is my real pic

jelloboy1: Some people say im sexy

jelloboy1: Are you still there?!?

jelloboy1: Hello?

jelloboy1: Do you like Football?

jelloboy1: Im lonely

jelloboy1: Please talk to me

jelloboy1: If you don't talk to me soon I will kill myself

jelloboy1: I mean it this time

jelloboy1: DAMNIT talk to ME!

nerminbekit: sorry

jelloboy1: Im just kidding, please talk to me

nerminbekit: iam just in betwwen

nerminbekit: work and chat to u

jelloboy1: are u talking to other people?

jelloboy1: what do you do?

jelloboy1: oh, what language do you speak at home, what color is your toliet water, do u like horses and flowers? I like guns.

nerminbekit: yes

jelloboy1: your talking to someone else aren't you, AREN'T YOU!

nerminbekit: iu like horses

jelloboy1: I dont like you talking to other people

jelloboy1: Do you want to come to America?

nerminbekit: i sware to god

nerminbekit: iam working

jelloboy1: If your good looking and want to come to America I can pay you $500/USD Month to be my maid. Do you want the job. I am a rich American - I make more than 35K / YEAR!

nerminbekit: now iam with u

jelloboy1: ok, good

nerminbekit: what ur maid ?

nerminbekit: iam also rich egyptian girl

nerminbekit: hw dare u say that

jelloboy1: maid - you would have to clean my toliet and wash my horses

nerminbekit: just talk about ur country then talk to other have home

jelloboy1: what is rich where you are from?

nerminbekit: egypt

jelloboy1: so you think you are too good for Americans? Just because Im Jewish you talk down to me?

nerminbekit: the country u like to take but u can't

nerminbekit: we victory

nerminbekit: talk down ?

jelloboy1: look here little miss camel, we'll kick your ass whenever we want, I AM A JEW AND I AM PROUD OF IT

jelloboy1: talk down mean to "talk down to one"

nerminbekit: when u find for a country to belong just say iam .............

jelloboy1: what? Im sorry sometimes I get upset.

jelloboy1: do you still want to talk?

Yahoo! Messenger: nerminbekit has logged back in.

jelloboy1: You see, I was raised in a broken home and sometimes I feel really angry. I just need someone to talk to and let my feelings go - I am sorry if I offended you I will be more considerate to your needs

jelloboy1: So does this mean it's over?

nerminbekit: ?

nerminbekit: what is over?

jelloboy1: I thought you left our converstation

jelloboy1: I really enjoy talking to you

nerminbekit: i don't left

jelloboy1: so, do you want to come to America?

nerminbekit: i go there

jelloboy1: Where did you goto?

nerminbekit: usual

jelloboy1: Did you visit the Zoo and look at the monkeys?

nerminbekit: yes then i found u

nerminbekit: looking to me

nerminbekit: and begging to me to get u out

nerminbekit: but i replied

nerminbekit: this is a place for the jewish

jelloboy1: Fuck you you stupid bitch, your a good damn monkey, I don't live in no zoo you fucken whore. Im a redneck American and I'll kick your ass you fucken plick mexician piece of shit

nerminbekit: i smell burning

nerminbekit: what's one

nerminbekit: can i call ambulance or what

jelloboy1: you can't call shit cause you ain't got no phone camel bitch

nerminbekit: i hearing monkey talking

nerminbekit: u can to him and tell me what he want

jelloboy1: I hear a towel head talking , why don't you go make some more oil or we'll bomb your ass

nerminbekit: hey there is a monkey calling for u

nerminbekit: look look

nerminbekit: hahahahahha

nerminbekit: no

nerminbekit: arab will going to burn all ur country

nerminbekit: but we have to know first where is ur country on the map

jelloboy1: you fuckin sand negro ain't going to do shit, your going to make some tacos and do what we say

jelloboy1: I know where your country is, it's on the other side of the world with the rest of the shit

jelloboy1: monkey africian

nerminbekit: hahahahhahah

nerminbekit: not with the egyptian people

nerminbekit: really

jelloboy1: the egyptain people are really fuckin stupid with there queer temeples. I meet Candians smarter than you ho

nerminbekit: hahahha

nerminbekit: really

nerminbekit: so why u were fighting us to take our country

nerminbekit: but we through u out as garbage

nerminbekit: and lead u as donkeys

jelloboy1: you ain't done shit jewlover

nerminbekit: hahahahahahahahha

nerminbekit: we can't qunqured

nerminbekit: no no

nerminbekit: u must withdraw now from this dialogue as ur people done in the war

jelloboy1: Remeber the Alamo taco maker

nerminbekit: go go

nerminbekit: go and i will forgive u

jelloboy1: Hey, why are you so mad?

jelloboy1: I was just kidding

jelloboy1: read this

jelloboy1: hey jewlover, how does your dad feel about you being gay?

nerminbekit: no

jelloboy1: have you ever had sex with a camel?

Yahoo! Messenger: nerminbekit has logged out.

Yahoo! Messenger: nerminbekit has logged back in.

nerminbekit: no

nerminbekit: sure u

jelloboy1: hey

jelloboy1: Im going to put you on my website

nerminbekit: no

jelloboy1: yes

nerminbekit: i don't like

jelloboy1: so

jelloboy1: I don't like u

nerminbekit: time for u is finished

jelloboy1: no

nerminbekit: what

jelloboy1: no what?

jelloboy1: goto and look at my interview with you

nerminbekit: time is finished for u

jelloboy1: go look, it's good.


nerminbekit: i leave it for u to look

jelloboy1: really, your on there

jelloboy1: It's all about you

nerminbekit: iam here in my country

elloboy1: where is that

jelloboy1: do you need a green card?

nerminbekit: no

jelloboy1: can you get me one, I really want to goto America

nerminbekit: no

nerminbekit: help for jewish people

nerminbekit: bye

jelloboy1: but im not a jew, Im a hill billy

nerminbekit: play another game alone

elloboy1: I play alone with myself all the time

nerminbekit: good keep on

nerminbekit: till u get mad

nerminbekit: bye

jelloboy1: Im sorry, what does 'u get mad' mean, learn english nazi

nerminbekit: i leave u to talk to ur self

nerminbekit: bye

jelloboy1: no you don't, Im writing this website as Im talking to you and I have to keep updating it, shutup and go away


At this point our relationship finished. I hoped you enjoyed it. Fell free to email me at  And remember, Please Respect Everyone!



This is Discomaker's real time story with the same women from Egypt. I hope you find this to be entertaining.

disc0maker:  Hi, what time is it there?

nerminbekit:  9:25am

disc0maker: Wow!! are you at work right now? It;s 02:25am here !! 

nerminbekit:  yes iam

nerminbekit:  hahahha

nerminbekit:  i know

disc0maker: Wow, you must be talking to a bunch of people ! it sure is taking a while for you to reply! ha ha, but I understand.

nerminbekit:  no

nerminbekit:  in between

nerminbekit:  work and chat

disc0maker: What kind of company are you an accountant for?

nerminbekit:  contracting

disc0maker: Really? What kind of contracting?

nerminbekit:  buildings

nerminbekit:  bridges

disc0maker: I run a computer network engineering company.. so in a way, we build bridges between computers!

nerminbekit:  good

disc0maker: I'm going to Egypt next year.... 1st Poland, then Czechoslavakia, then Egypt.

disc0maker: hey, do you have a picture ?

nerminbekit:  yes

nerminbekit:  give me urs first

disc0maker: okay, but keep in mind I was just playing around when it was taken, here it is:

nerminbekit:  ok

nerminbekit:  wait to have a look

nerminbekit:  niceone

disc0maker: u like?

nerminbekit:  yes

nerminbekit:  sokr

disc0maker: What's "sokr" ?

nerminbekit:  i will not tell u

nerminbekit:  it'a arabic word

disc0maker: arGH! then I will look it up in the Internet FAQ ! 

disc0maker: You know, my mom speaks Farsee....

disc0maker: But I do not know it so well.

nerminbekit:  ahahahahahhaha

disc0maker: Is that so funny, anyhow, she grew up in the area I suppose.

disc0maker: Except for "burrro bu'qhai"  which she was always yelling at us.

nerminbekit:  what????????????????????

nerminbekit:  who she?

disc0maker: She is my Mom, why, what does that mean??

nerminbekit:  yes

disc0maker: Yes what ? What are you talking about?

disc0maker: Anyhow, so I was wondering what kind of music you like?

disc0maker: Bangrah? Techno?  Disc0?  Rock N Roll ?

nerminbekit:  disco

nerminbekit:  ricky martin

nerminbekit:  celine dione

nerminbekit:  u know billa

nerminbekit:  i fobd with it

nerminbekit:  or i will survive

disc0maker: Wow, that's cool.  I am suprised all those people are that famous around the world. 

nerminbekit:  yes

disc0maker: Hey, you said you would show me a picutre of yourself if I showed you a picture of me.  Well????!? ?!????

nerminbekit:  but

nerminbekit:  sware that this is ur pic

disc0maker: if you go to you can see it for yourself!

nerminbekit:  i see u

nerminbekit:  but this is really yours

disc0maker: Yes, as you can see on my Yahoo profile, the last updated date is : January 16, 2000 , which was legitimate.

disc0maker: Do you work Accounts Receivable, or Accounts Payable, or General Accounting over there?

Yahoo! Messenger:  nerminbekit has logged back in.

disc0maker: Hello again!  : ) I am going to go to bed eventually, but I just wanted to wait until you signed back on! 

nerminbekit:  hello

disc0maker: Hello again!

nerminbekit:  but now iam free

nerminbekit:  can talk now

nerminbekit:  finished my work

disc0maker: I was worried, free from what?

nerminbekit:  oh

nerminbekit:  no

nerminbekit:  unfortuneately

disc0maker: Unfortunately what?

disc0maker: I remember calling a BBS in Egypt a LLLOOoong Long Time Ago.

nerminbekit:  i tild u i was working

nerminbekit:  and was chatting to u

nerminbekit:  npw i ma finished

nerminbekit:  can talk freely

nerminbekit:  but u said  u wanna to go for sleep

disc0maker: no, not yet, I can go all night long if you want?

nerminbekit:  good

nerminbekit:  u know jewish people dear

disc0maker: I know a Jew.

disc0maker: You're not jewsishkabob are you?

nerminbekit:  u like them

nerminbekit:  no iam muslem

disc0maker: I am Scientologist.

disc0maker: But I know a bit about the Moslem religion.

nerminbekit:  yes dear

nerminbekit:  nice

disc0maker: That's cool.  L.A. is like my Mecca (no offense intended  )

disc0maker: I just really like that city better than New York.

nerminbekit:  thanks dear

disc0maker: You;'re welcome.

nerminbekit:  u toooooooooooo dear

disc0maker: Thank you!

nerminbekit:  the Alamo taco maker


nerminbekit:  what is this

disc0maker: What are you talking about?

nerminbekit:  what is this mean

disc0maker: Uh, here:

disc0maker: Hey, Uh, like I was saying, I'm going to Egypt next year, what do you recommend for my travel itenerary?"

nerminbekit:  ok wait

disc0maker: I know the pyramids are probably played-out, so they say not to go there. I had a US NAVY SEAL friend stationed in Haifa, and he said the whole area was kind of chaotic, but I am to understand tha Egypt is relatively friendly to Americans.

nerminbekit:  when u will come to egypt

Yahoo! Messenger:  nerminbekit has logged out.

Yahoo! Messenger:  nerminbekit has logged back in.

disc0maker: I was hoping to go in October of this year , but it looks like now it will be April of next year.

disc0maker: I'll be going a number of places, looking for computer programmers and network engineers, for both telecommuting and relocation based business opportunities.

nerminbekit:  good

disc0maker: hey do you use Winamp? I have a Winamp MP3 Skin Designed after me

nerminbekit:  yes

nerminbekit:  but my company deleste it ya soksr

nerminbekit:  sokar

disc0maker: What is a Sokar? are you calling me names?

nerminbekit:  sokar

nerminbekit:  arabic word

disc0maker: Hi, I'm looking at right now...

nerminbekit:  ahahhahahah

nerminbekit:  u r really sokar

disc0maker: well, that doesn't sound friendly.

nerminbekit:  non

nerminbekit:  it's a good adgective

nerminbekit:  sokar mean

disc0maker: Whast suprises me is that the is in French, English, and Russian. That's bizzare.

nerminbekit:  arabic

nerminbekit:  sokar mean

disc0maker: What does Sokar mean?

disc0maker: Sokar mean Arabic?

nerminbekit:  no

nerminbekit:  sokar arabic word mean sugar

disc0maker: I see. I am finding out now what It is.

disc0maker: Such as "sweet" in English?

nerminbekit:  yesssssssssss

nerminbekit:  but we say ya sokar

disc0maker: I was thinking you may have been referring to Sokar, the Funery god of Memphis.  Did you know there is a town near my home town in Tenesseee called Memphis?

nerminbekit:  in arabic

nerminbekit:  and ya when u calling one

nerminbekit:  so u tell ya sokar

disc0maker: awwww 

nerminbekit:  hahahha no

nerminbekit:  but tell me man

nerminbekit:  what is ur job

disc0maker: I run a computer company.

nerminbekit:  hay

nerminbekit:  good

disc0maker: hay?

nerminbekit:   and love disco

disc0maker: Hay is for horses... as they say in Memphis, Tennessee.. (where Elvis is from!! )

nerminbekit:  oh sorry

disc0maker: You know, what suprised me is

nerminbekit:  we say she

nerminbekit:  but for donkey hahaha

nerminbekit:  u look nice disco

nerminbekit:  but what is ur name

nerminbekit:  what

disc0maker: that I got a Parking Ticket a while back, the guy who runs tha Parking Division in Tampa, Florida, was named "Seth", the god of CHAOS!  how appropriate.

nerminbekit:  what is ur name

disc0maker: Disc0

nerminbekit:  no ur real one

disc0maker: I worked with a woman from Egypt last year doing some computer stuff. she Was from there, but she moved to Brooklyn, New York, at a young age, so her accent was a bit strange.

disc0maker: I'm embarrassed to tell you my real name.

nerminbekit:  why

nerminbekit:  no tell me

disc0maker: because you won't like it.

nerminbekit:  no just tell me

disc0maker: I'm afraid.

nerminbekit:  nooooooo

nerminbekit:  huhuhuhuh

disc0maker: where is your picture, weren't you going to show me what you looked like?

nerminbekit:  iam pretty

nerminbekit:  what is ur name

disc0maker: arun

nerminbekit:  arun

nerminbekit:  ur name

nerminbekit:  so good

nerminbekit:  what is the proplem

disc0maker: I don't know.  You like?

nerminbekit:  yes

disc0maker: Whell, then how are you?


The End.