. Thanksgiving  
By Jelloboy 
This is the story of Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving was in celebration of Indians and Russians living together in peace on the northern coast of Costa Rico. In the later 1200's large pirate ships full of computer components where stolen by a large band of Yellow Rice. The rice said, 'Together we stand, and stand we must' which brought about a round of cheers. But then the pirates showed up and said, 'ArrrArrr, Bite Me' and the fight began. They fought long and hard and in the end the Indians won. They then sold the stolen computer parts to the Russians for dead rabbit skulls which Russia had alot of. The Indians hating the White Man pelted the Americas with them until the Americans gave in and surrendered, at which point they became American Indians. The American Indians had lots of Rabbit Skulls know but no one to throw them at. So they got back on there boat and went back to South America. And this is why we celebrate Thanksgiving.  

The End.

November 11, 1997
 To learn more about Thanksgiving, goto 'The Thanksgiving Story'. Thank You, and have a nice day.