The History of Easter


Once apon a time there was this mean ass Rabbit who used to go around to people's houses and hide all there eggs and then the people would die because they couldn't find the eggs and that was all they had to eat. So then there was one guy named Jesus whom thought this sucked and deiced that he would do something about this. So Jesus went off in search of this rabbit. When Jesus finally found the Rabbit he killed it and then placed a bloody X over top of all the houses that the rabbit had victimized. However as it turned out he didn't kill the rabbit, he killed the town Mayor and to the town a bloody X was a sign that the man of the house where this was painted had only one testicle, which made the men in town mad. So they looked for Jesus and finally found him dead in a cave. So they said, "This sucks, lets hangem!". How ever when they tried to hang him his head fell off. So they said, lets nail him to a pole. So they made a cross of wood and nailed him to it in front of the town. Everyone thought this was funny and everything, however the dead body on the pole attracted more mean ass rabbits to the area. When everyone in the town went to sleep that night the rabbits tore down Jesus from the cross. They then skinned him and used his skin to and body type to make Mecha-Jesus! The next morning when the people from the town woke up, they saw Mecha-Jesus walking up and down the street and thought it was Jesus and that he had came back to life. Then everyone was like, where sorry Jesus. When the Rabbits heard this they thought that the town had learned its lesson and said as long as they have a holiday about this they would stop stealing there eggs so people wouldn't die anymore. And they all agreed.

The Mean Bunny Rabbits
Jesus on the cross

The End.